5 killer design blogs that will increase your creativity
April 23, 2015

You can’t beat good inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Grab a coffee, sit back for five minutes, and immerse yourself into these Killer design blogs. Whether it’s idea generating, or simply just to see what the latest trends are, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you and your business. I draw inspiration from many places like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, but design blogs are great to give you an overview of the latest styles and trends in the marketplace. If you’re thinking about doing a project for your business, why not see what the best of the best are doing, and draw inspiration from these fantastic blogs.

1# Abduzeedo
I’ll start with my favourite and most inspiring bookmark I regularly visit. It started small, back in 2006, and grew into one awesome blog loved by all designers. The founder, Fabio Sasso, is currently Google’s head designer, after being head hunted for the work on his blog. This is now the go too place for designers to showcase their work and to be inspired.

2# You the Designer

Another great example of a graphic design lifestyle blog. This features hand picked design projects from typography to illustration and video. This is a great place to find inspiration and to view the latest trends. You always get an honest write up of the project too which is great.

3# Design Milk

If you bookmark just one of these blogs for inspiration, Design Milk is a must. This covers all aspects of design with great product design and photography. If you want an overview of what design in general is doing in the world, this is a great place to start. Once you dig deeper you’ll find some brilliant work and inspiration for your business.

4# Creative Bloq

This is a great all round visual design blog. Always has beautiful photography and 3d cad portfolios to spend five minutes looking at. I always get totally lost in this site as I keep clicking on posts that look stunning.

5. Design You Trust

Design You Trust has been going a long time, very similar to Abduzeedo but has different sources of content with a whole host of design formats on display. I personally really like the simplicity of the site and how easy it is to find new projects to look at for five minutes.

Although I follow these blogs, I never copy their work, I only use these for inspiration and trending styles. A unique design is very important for your business and something I can help you with. It never hurts to keep up to date with what other companies are doing with their marketing, and you will find it inspires you to do something more creative with yours.

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