James Kingston a different kind of art
January 23, 2014

Is this a different kind of art? After watching the channel 4 documentary on James Kingston Don’t Look Down I felt like I had to post about him and his work. He climbs up ridiculously high buildings and 100m cranes with no ropes or safety gear. Once at the top he likes to hang supported only by one hand. Yes this is seriously dangerous but just look at the images he has created and a different kind of art. Not many photographs give you a feeling so strongly when you look at them and for me give me butterflies in my stomach and a feeling of danger. Photographers have spent years trying to achieve something so powerful.

I’m not saying for everyone to grab a camera and start climbing up the nearest building, it’s a very dangerous hobby with 5 people falling to there death in Russia and the Ukraine last year alone. But it get’s you thinking about different kinds of art. For me these photographs blown up would fit in perfect into the Tate Modern and I’m sure you would agree. Of course Channel 4 have got a lot f stick for broadcasting something so irresponsible but it’s happening in the world so why not show it.

I personally think that James has a talent and a hunger for exploration, I hope he keep on going and mainly that he keeps safe.

You can now buy these images and some T Shirts at James Kingston

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