Meet the maker
March 5, 2019

Hi, I am Matt the creative director here at 634 Creative. I am a freelance graphic designer with over 20 years of commercial experience. I have a passion for all aspects of design and specialise in logo design and brand identity.

Whatever the project brief, I am guided by these principles: Find the essence, make an emotional connection to the audience, and make it great. I believe your brand tells your story. It’s a mix of who you really are, and a journey towards your business aspirations, who you could be, and a little inspiration and creativity thrown in. My philosophy is to turn the vision that is inspired by you and your company into a reality this bringing you a step closer to your goal and dreams.

I have worked in Halifax, West Yorkshire for most of my life with a short stint working in an office in a stunning renovated fire station in Carlisle. Sadly, the office was affected by the floods in 2015 and fate brought me back to Yorkshire. I enjoy working with and supporting local business but also companies from far and wide.

I am a true family man and Yorkshireman, I believe a cup of tea makes everything a little better. Life is a rollercoaster and it’s easy to get carried away on the ride, however, no matter how busy I am I try to see the beauty in everything, live in the present and make memories along the way. I have a fabulous family and such a support partner. I have a passion for the great outdoors, Funko pop vinyls, and all things geeky. I am also a big fan of cars, custom motorcycles, café racers and an avid F1 fan. I love how anything custom shows so much personality and a good example will truly mimic the creator.

So, here’s a little bit of information about my brand. After years of working for different companies from working at a local newspaper, then ad agency through to a design and manufacturing company I learnt everything I know today I took the giant step and launched my own business. It was the scariest and best decision I have ever made. I am so passionate about my work and truly love what I do.

The name 634 Creative came about after years of working with Pantone Colours, the international colour coding system. A dark teal that stands out from the crowd and with the addition of the bright yellow added with the rebrand this year I’m very proud of my brand. 634 has become my favourite colour over the years, so the idea behind 634 Creative is inspired by colour.

I will leave you with a favourite quote of mine:

“I want to know one thing, what is colour?

Pablo Picasso

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