Street art thats here to stay
July 21, 2017

Graffiti has been around for hundreds of years, giving the people a voice to express themselves however they like. Usually frowned upon by the authorities and removed quickly a new form of legal street art is appearing all over the world commissioned by some of the worlds leading artists. Outdoor public art is free for everyone to see and enjoy without fear of prosecution. Below are some of my favourite artists at works painting the town in many colours. Street art is being used to rejuvenate downtown areas in many cities all over the world. Not only is street art brightening up your local area but the artist talent behind them is exceptional.


Triston Eaton

Los Angeles based artist and designer Triston Eaton has produced some exceptionally creative and colourful pieces of street art all over the USA. With his unique style of combining beautiful portraits mixed with typography he work as been seen by thousands of passers by and admired in cafes.



is a self-taught, non-conformist urban artist who has defined and perfected an atypical spray paint style he has dubbed Urban Aesthetics.

Hailing from Cork city (Ireland), he has paved a singular path through the global urban art scene whilst keeping his gallery output deliberately minimal: preferring instead to let the streets be his exhibition space as he crisscrosses the globe on his self-funded, self-organised paint excursions.

His artistic influences stem from dark graphic novels all the way through to rebel artists such as Salvador Dali & Francis Bacon and classic illustrators such as Aubrey Beardsley.



Beautiful photo realistic street art by Sam Bates AKA Smug. With commissions in Limerick, Ireland and some exceptional wildlife themed murals in Glasgow for the street art trail his work has been enjoyed by thousands that visited Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games.



Xav is a young Spanish street artist, born in Gijon. Winning street art contests and taking part in graffiti exhibitions, Xav gained interest for the world of tattoos. He participated in many tattoo conventions in Spain and nearby countries. His photo realistic work and exceptional use of colour has made his work a focal point in many communities around the world.



Beautiful street art by the Spanish based due since 2007. There fusion of sculpture and stunning urban graphics is unique to them and can been see all over Spain.

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