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Matt Sykes 634 Creative

My mission

Matt Sykes here, whatever the project objective, I am guided mainly by finding the essence, making an emotional connection to the audience, and simply making it great. I work in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and have done for most of my career. I enjoy working with and have much experience with local businesses and also companies scattered all over the globe alike.

I have set myself a goal of offsetting my carbon by planting trees using Treedom. Not only am I helping the environment but also helping people all over the world to grow fruit and food to help there community. Check out where my trees are here.

About Me

I’m Matt Sykes, a Graphic Designer with over 20 years of commercial experience and a passion for all aspects of design, especially logo design and branding. I have a passion for watches and photography and try to combine the two on my watch Instagram account @10past10watches. I love to travel and see new places and enjoy going to as many motorsport events as possible. I have even made it to the home of the Indy Car 500 at the Brickyard Indianapolis. 

Matt Sykes 634 Creative

Super Efficient

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Deeply Committed

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Highly Skilled

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Matt Sykes 634 Creative

How I evolved

I started working for a Design Agency in 1998 straight out of work experience. It certainly was work experience, and I knew that I wanted to be a graphic designer from that very moment. I then went on to work for the Halifax Courier designing page layouts. 

I went to work for a design and print company for almost 15 years, where I picked up most of my experience in commercial design and print. Some of my work was in the automotive industry, and with some of the world’s most significant car manufacturers, such as Audi, VW and Ford, it was ideal for a self-proclaimed petrol head such as me. I worked with some inspirational people and learned a lot of valuable principles, skills and ethical values which are still embedded in my work today.

I moved up to Carlisle in 2014, and 634 Creative was born!

About 634 Creative

The name 634 Creative came about after years of working with Pantone Colours, the international colour coding system. 634 has become my favourite colour over the years. Hopefully, you can see how this inspires my business and brand. Initially, I worked out of a beautiful office in Carlisle, an Old Fire Station, but sadly, it was devastated by the 2016 floods, and I was forced to return to my home office. A few years later, and a move back to Halifax and still working from my home office negotiating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the business has grown and gone from strength to strength. I have completed work for many clients and carried out some excellent projects for the Co-op, RBS and even some celebrities like Amanda Hamilton!

Matt Sykes 634 Creative
Matt Sykes

What I offer

I offer a range of graphic design services, specialising in logo design and branding. My creative training helps me produce design work for various formats that can be bespoke for your individual needs. If you can’t find what you are looking for it’s worth getting in touch as I may be able to do it.

Who I work with

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and treat everyone with the same excellent level of service, from start-ups to well established international brands. Below are just a few I have worked with alone with some case studies of my favorite projects.

Have you a project or an idea that I can help you implement?